Week in Review: Young, Self-Satisfied, Confident Celebrities


In the week “I ain’t shoot nobody in like…since the early 90’s” irretrievably entered the American lexicon, we learned with some dismay that David Carradine very likely left this earth the hard way. And more grim news: Koko Taylor, 1928-2009.

Live: Doves cry at Terminal Hall, Art Brut’s second-night-stand at Mercury Lounge, Elvis Costello down in the Financial District, Tortoise at Bang on a Can, and the teeth-grindingly precious (according to some) Grizzly Bear at Town Hall. Plus: Mark Flood’s Chelsea Whores at Zach Feuer Gallery!

In defense of Wavves’s Nathan Williams, and while we’re at it, Terry Urban, whose Southerngold mixtape probably won “most egregious cease-and-desist” honors this week.

If you were curious: the top ten records that sold at noise emporium Hospital Productions this week, since after all, record stores still do exist and everything. So do bookstores: Congratulations to Greenlight Books for finally nailing down both funding and a permanent location in Fort Greene. Also around town: Brooklyn D.I.Y. festival Hillstock, and the welcome news that not only is Jelly Space 2009 happening, but No Age, Deerhunter, and Dan Deacon are all playing it.

The Tallest Man on Earth is short, and also wants to collaborate with Feist. Ashanti has nothing but nice things to say about all the r&b starlets who displaced her. Grizzly Bear are top ten in the country, which is ridiculous if you think about it, and Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3, the record that will temporarily put an end to sales weeks like the one we just had, finally has a familiar release date.

Want to see J. Mascis do a kickflip? Or a new video from Micachu & the Shapes, a new song from Ted Leo, or a new bonkers mixtape from SOTC favorite Yung LA, who these days we call Lamborghini Leland? What else: SOTC buddy Duff McKagan wrote for the New York Times and they cheated him on his byline. MTV went back to the Eminem gay panic well. That Black Eyed Peas record leaked, to insane and bewildering effect. Anne Hathaway strummed an acoustic guitar on Jimmy Fallon’s show. New Miranda July video hit the web, as did a really discomfiting date-rape song charticle and a R. Kelly song about making love to all the women in the world, including the Statue of Liberty. And if you’re bored, take another look of these photos of Ninjasonik showing up at 205 club to pour booze and get girls pregnant. We’ll be doing one of those things this weekend, that’s for sure. See you Monday.