Weekend Special–From The Fork In The Road T-Shirt Collections


Four months after we bought this t-shirt at legendary Peak Bro’s. Bar-B-Que in Waverly, Kentucky (mmmm–smoked mutton!), the joint burnt down!

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The puffy taco is one of the greatest inventions of Tex-Mex cuisine around San Antonio, Texas, where Henry the Puffy Taco is the mascot of the Missions baseball team, and the emblem of a local cafe.

Paul Frank has done many food-themed t-shirts (remember I Love Carbs?), including this one showing the smoke from a grill turned into a beckoning finger.

The Mount Horeb Mustard Museum admonishes you not to eat ketchup.

Just in case you get lost on a desert (or dessert) island and need to synthesize come caffeine, here’s the formula–but you’d better take the t-shirt off first, since the mirror-image is a different compound.

Fork in the Road basks in the love of the Fatty Crab, as demonstrated by this free t-shirt they gave us. The restaurant’s logo wraps around from the front to the back of the shirt, and on the right rear shoulder is a crab insignia topped with the slogan in some Asian language, “I Love Fork in the Road.”

Finally, the official t-shirt of the sainted Kreuz Market, a barbecue (one of four) in Lockhart, Texas. Come the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party this summer, you’ll see dozens of barbecue fanatics wearing them.