Weird Sex Strangle Death Launches David Carradine Dirtfest


We’re going to milk this fucking David Carradine thing for all it’s worth. For one thing he’s a celebrity nude as well as a celebrity corpse. For another, there are shocking new revelations: The Smoking Gun has divorce papers from Carradine’s fourth ex-wife which accuse him of “deviant sexual behavior which was potentially deadly.” Auto-erotic asphyxia is not mentioned, though an “incestuous relationship with a very close family member, which permeated our marriage” and “touching me inappropriately and wanting me to ‘flash’ the public with my top off” are, and that’s kind of hot in a pathetic way, yes? Also rumors of Carradine’s money troubles are reported by a “source” to Fox News, and if you can’t trust that, who can you? Christ, we hate ourselves.