News Roundup: Sonic Youth, Evan Dando, Jeff Hanson, Live Nation


–Tomorrow night, Sonic Youth will play the Apple Store in SoHo, by way of promoting their new album The Eternal, which comes out on Tuesday. The show is free, but you need a guest pass to attend. They can be picked up today at the SoHo store, with one non-transferable pass per fan on a first come, first serve basis.

–Way to kick an auto giant when they’re down. Lemonheads founder Evan Dando sued General Motors last week, saying the struggling automaker violated his copyright on his band’s track “It’s a Shame About Ray.” The complaint alleges the song was re-recorded and included in a 2008 TV campaign for Chevrolets and Buicks. Dando seeks damages and a portion of profits from the campaign. Compare them yourself: here’s some cool footage of the band performing the track and here’s the annoying commercial.

–Live Nation’s “No Service Fee Wednesday” promotion, which wasn’t exactly what it claimed, spiked sales “500% higher than the average number of tickets sold on a typical Wednesday,” the company said. This Wednesday, the company is expanding the deal to include all amphitheatre seats at concerts by artists such as blink 182, Brad Paisley, Jason Mraz, REO Speedwagon & Styx. We’ll pay the service fees if you don’t make us go to any of those shows.

–This weekend brought some very sad news: Singer-songwriter Jeff Hanson was found dead in his St. Paul apartment. Hanson apparently died of “a fall or other accident” in his concrete-floored apartment, according to Minneapolis’ Star Tribune. Hanson signed to the Kill Rock Stars label in 2003 and released three albums, his last being 2008’s Madam Owl. (check out the video for “If Only I Knew). Hanson’s sister said the singer got divorced last year, and didn’t have any children “besides his two dogs.”