Phoenix’s New Video for “1901” Is Not Nearly As Debauched As We Had Hoped For


So yeah, Phoenix didn’t direct or even have anything really to do with the video that will tell the Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix story for anybody who cares to look back in six or sixteen months, the Brat Packed “Lisztomania” mash-up that mixes the song’s ardently simulated vernal nostalgia with the real-life ecstatic nostalgia of whole generation of lovestruck Breakfast Club fans. (Somehow in 2009 Williamsburg, it’s just not the same–sorry.) And if anything, “1901,” WAP‘s less well-mannered, drunken “Lisztomania” cousin–a song that seems specifically designed for someone’s summer conquest and/or drunken meltdown–deserved an equally stirring visual: naked women running through fields, kids on trampolines, hot-air balloons, whatever; any semi-animated Ryan McGinley tableau would’ve done fine. This video is not that, or anything, really–dudes on stage, and the lights that illuminate them. Kinda like every live show ever, basically.