Prisoner Tape Offered as Evidence Against Rockefeller Drug Law Reform


The Staten Island District Attorney’s office posts, and the New York Post and Staten Island Advance circulate, a tape of a prison inmate bragging that when he gets out, thanks to the misguided repeal of the Rockefeller Drug Laws, he will return to a life of crime. “Now that I know that I’m never gonna face no real time?” he asks rhetorically, “I’m gonna do what I gotta do to wipe my ass.” He details his criminal record, which he believes will render him eligible for a drug treatment program in lieu of prison. The D.A., Daniel Donovan, seems to find this dispositive, and announces that the state district attorney’s association will form a committee to monitor the new laws to see if they increase crime as he expects. The Governor has signed a bill, but provisions of the new law are still being debated in Albany.