Summer Jam 2009: One Man’s Twitter-Based Narrative


Yes, our fair blog’s most avid Summer Jam enthusiast is long gone. But Hot 97’s annual fete/debacle raged on last night at Giants Stadium, and friend of SOTC/Vibe guru Sean Fennessey was there to bemusedly take it all in, including yes, Jay-Z’s live debut of his Auto-Tune riposte and thrilling communion with, uh, T-Pain. Sean’s Twitter offered splendid insight for those stuck watching the Lakers/Tonys — here, we provide some highlights of his highlights.

* Least excited I’ve ever been about Summer Jam. Praying someone throws a folding chair at my head tonight.

* And Day26 is on and we’re off and running. True story: Day26 is the only male RandB group people care about these days, and they’re wack.

* All manner of gay panic going on as Day26 hump the floor. Crowd is hardly amused.

* Bobby Trends wearing a t-shirt that say “It’s the DJ Bobby Trends.” Making order for “It’s the writer/editor Sean Fennessey.”

* Pleasure P no one knows what you look like and you’re wearing a hood over your face.

* The tyranny of Summer Jam: RandB and reggae in the front, rap in the back.

* They call Elephant Man the Energy God. I call him the God of Bedazzled Jackets.

* First fight of the night, right in front of us. People were thrilled.

* Summer Jam Epidemic: Men signing and rapping to each other. A problem.

* It’s weird, it took 10 years longer than they said it would, but Jadakiss is basically a solo star now. In New York, at least.

* Biggest applause of the night…Jeremih. More men singing to each other.

* Remember when Busta was named “King of NY” at the end of Summer Jam three years ago? Now he’s guesting during Jada’s set. Ouch.

* If you believe that Summer Jam screen, Jada just called Obama “phony.” Whoops, screen operator.

* Method Man got me to stand up.

* No disrespect, Mary J’s set was aural Ambien. She’s been doing that exact thing for a long time and I’m done.

* Ok everybody relax, Jeezy brought Drake out. Wait, what?

* Jay tore the roof off. Wow. People are happy.

* Legitimately good moment. Jay and Pain onstage arms crossed. A win for T-Pain.

* I wonder what the life of a T-Pain dancer is like.

* The petrified forest formerly known as Lil Kim everyone!

* EXTREMELY unfortunate Ace Hood appearance.

* Things this Summer Jam could have used: DMX. That’s it.

* Jim Jones out in a lime green Louis V Stephen Sprouse scarf. Ugh.

* Bad sign for Jim Jones’ performance: All I can think about it the traffic.

* My Summer Jam recap: whatever, it happened.