Today in Unfortunate Tim Pawlenty Metaphors: Just Like Eminem, Republicans Need to Regroup


The album sales of Relapse may tell a different story, but these days, it seems like it’s only the Republicans who really care what Eminem gets up to–from Bill O’Reilly’s “feminist” outrage about the porning of Sarah Palin in “We Made You” to the amusing news (via Hotline on Call) that, at Friday night’s College Republican National Committee convention in Washington, Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty assayed this bit of pop culture reference:

    Opening his remarks with a reference to NBC’s “Inside the Obama White House” special, Pawlenty told the gathering of about 200 students, “I haven’t seen something that staged since that half-naked Austrian fell onto the face of Eminem at the MTV music awards.”

“Eminem was mad,” he continued, to laughter and applause. “And so, just like Eminem getting dumped on, we’ve got to kind of regroup. We’ve got to continue to fight. And we’ve got some things worth fighting for.”

So many levels of fantasy warring with reality here. Does Pawlenty know Sasha Baron-Cohen is not in fact Austrian? If it was staged, was Eminem truly mad? Or should we say, dumped on? As always, clarity of syntax and clarity of thought are surely related here: Pawlenty’s comparison of his own party to the upturned face on which someone’s naked ass lands was probably more telling than he intended it to be. And his snakey transition from calling out NBC via Bruno, a fictional character, to using Emimen as a real life rallying cry for his own party resembles nothing so much as the heady Sarah Palin mixed metaphor days of late 2008 (e.g., “As Putin rears his head and comes into the air space of the United States of America, where do they go?”). Pawlenty went on to say that “if we have a message which we agree on,” the party must “be able to convey it in a modern way.”

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