When Political Correctness Attacks


Ever make a remark that wasn’t pc and get bitten on the heinie (sorry, buttocks) for it?

I have.

A few years ago, I was set to present an award for gay literature at an event hosted by the group LAMBDA. I patiently waited over two hours for my category to come up, then finally straggled to the podium, half dead but still willing. “Hey, guys…” I started, and was greeted by a loud round of boos. I had forgotten that in a mixed crowd, you don’t say “guys”! I’m such a stupid…person!

A few years before that, I was interviewing the ex child star of The Bad Seed onstage at a movie house in San Francisco. A large crowd had come, many in drag, to watch the campy ’50s film about a demonic child murderess, then to see the now middle-aged actress be grilled about topics related to the film.

Well, at one point I asked her about the JonBenet case and what it meant for children in show biz, and the crowd started screaming and booing! I guess this wasn’t pc enough for a bunch of drag queens who had come to chuckle at a young girl killing people before being zapped to death by lightning! And the real killer was that I had discussed the JonBenet thing over dinner with the star the night before and she agreed I should bring it up at the event because she had something to say about it!

But anyway, guys…I mean folks. Tell me your worst incorrect slips of the tongue.