Who Was The Original David Carradine?


Way before David Carradine‘s sad and possibly kinky death by strangling, obscure character actor Albert Dekker (Dr. Cyclops) met a similar freaky fate. According to an upcoming book called Morbid Curiosity by Alan W. Petrucelli, in 1968 Dekker was found not only dead, “he was naked, kneeling in the bathtub, a noose tightly wrapped around his neck and looped around the shower’s curtain rod,” plus Dekker was decked out in handcuffs, a blindfold, and a ball gag
in his mouth.

What’s more, there were needles sticking out of his arm, a vajayjay was drawn on his stomach, and his nipples had been…no, you sickos will have to wait for the book for the rest of the bizarre details. You can’t make this shit up!!!