You Voted Obama, Now Eat Obama–The Obama Flavor


Though the gate is pulled down, we have every assurance that Obama Flavor will triumph in the long run. photo: Brian Berger

Thanks to Fork in the Road friend (and intrepid velocipedist) Brian Berger for tipping us to this new restaurant in Crown Heights, which appropriates the name of the president in much the same way as Brownsville’s Obama Fried Chicken, as recently reported by our sister blog Runnin’ Scared. Not much to reveal yet, since we haven’t yet succeeded in getting inside, but when we sample the food, you’ll be the first to know about it

It looks like a combo Jamaican/Soul Food joint, which is a common enough restaurant type in Brooklyn. The place has been open at least since early March, since a report by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene reveals that 12 citations were awarded. (Wait, is that bad or good?)