Booze News–33 Cocktails Slingers Share Their Shaking Secrets; Classic Cocktail Books All the Rage


StarChefs collects the cocktail shaking secrets of 33 bartenders. Joaquin Simo of Death & Co. says, “A shake should wake up a cocktail. Its function is to make it greater than the sum of its parts.” His colleague, Alex Day, adopted a variation on the hard shake style to avoid the shaking-related injuries. Orson Salicetti of Apotheke takes a martial arts stance to protect his back.

New EU wine regulations ban the sale of US wines with such terms as ‘chateau’ or ‘clos’ on the labels. Other prohibited wine terms include ‘classic’, ‘cream’, ‘crusted/crusting’,’fine’, ‘late bottled vintage’, ‘noble’, ‘ruby’, ‘superior’, ‘sur lie’, ‘tawny’, ‘vintage’ and ‘vintage character’.
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Classic cocktails are not the only trend that’s all the rage among bartenders around the country. The vintage books these drinks are found in have also gained popularity, and aggressive bidding at auction is driving the cost of these way up.
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Kingpin wine critic Robert Parker is facing more charges (in addition to being accused of allowing his staff to accept freebies in exchange for wine reviews). Parker must stand trial in France for defaming a former assistant, who herself is accused of a crime. Parker allegedly misrepresented the penalties that the assistant faces in the case on his website.
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Cocktails from Charles H. Baker Jr.’s 1933 book The Gentleman’s Companion, such the Remember the Maine, are popping up on drinks menus across the country. St. John Frizell, a writer and Baker biographer, is opening a a coffee bar in Brooklyn called Fort Defiance, and will dedicate one corner of the bar to his Baker paraphernalia there. “The whole place will be like a Charles H. Baker research library. Also, there will always be Baker drinks on the menu,” says Frizell.
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