Fox News Hates Cyclists?


Gawker’s John Cook has a great item today about a cyclist getting run over in Central Park by a Fox News writer.

The cyclist, Brian Dooda, was riding along Thursday afternoon at a good clip — but not fast enough for cars that wanted to get around him, apparently — when the last of several cars to pass him swerved into him and knocked him off his bike. The driver stopped, and Dooda jumped in front of the car to prevent it from driving away. And that’s when, Dooda says, the driver accelerated into him, knocking him onto the roof of the car. The driver then kept going another couple of hundred feet with a screaming Dooda on his hood yelling at him to stop. After the car stopped, Dooda fell off and the car drove away.

Dooda recognized the “NYP” on the driver’s plates which indicates a member of the press. And with the help of other witnesses, Cook got the plate number and located its owner – Fox employee Don Broderick.

After initially denying that he was involved, Broderick then complained that Dooda was a crazed cycling “vigilante.” But it sounds like other witnesses are siding with Dooda.

As Cook points out, run over a pedestrian and you can face real prison time. But knock over a cyclist and then take off? Well, we’ll see if authorities show any interest.