George Tiller’s Abortion Clinic Closes


The Wichita, Kansas clinic run by abortion provider Dr. George Tiller, who was shot dead in church by a rightwing nut connected with the anti-abortion movement, is going to close down. “We are glad that Kansas will not be referred to as the abortion capital of the world,” said a spokesman for Kansans for Life. It is said that the nearest clinic providing abortions is in Kansas City. Christian Newswire promises a press conference on Thursday explaining “How Mr. Tiller’s death can propel the pro-life movement forward based upon lessons from Nat Turner’s slave rebellion, and how abolitionists responded”; also, “how Pro-life groups can derail Sotomayor, and root out hypocrisy in pro-life ranks.” Randall Terry and Alan Keyes will attend; chicken wings and Guinness will be served.