JE Englebert’s Dream of a Central Park Disco Comes Crashing Down


We love getting press releases from JE Englebert, the relentless clubowner and promoter of both himself and others. We were happy to publicize his offer last year to employ Asian employees of 1OAK who claimed they’d been fired for their ethnicity. And we enjoyed his other recent mailings, too — like his claim that, on behalf of the Staten Island Civic Association, he was leading a protest against that EMT who put a murdered Staten Island woman’s picture on his Facebook. We didn’t have time to rock it but it got some good play.

So when we heard from him that “HISTORIC TAVERN ON THE GREEN TO BE TRANSFORMED INTO DISCO.” we were intrigued. “Never before has there been a cover to enter central park or for it to be exclusive,” said the release, “but Tavern on the Green will change all that thanks to the assistance of club owner JE Englebert. He is part of an all star night club team to transform the famed restaurant into a trendy club every Thursday night all summer long starting this Thursday June 11th from 6pm to 12:30am in the Garden.”

Slackers that we are, we kept sticking up lame posts about politics and whatnot while idly debating whether to call Tavern on the Green or just run with the sucker. So we missed the chances availed by Grub Street and amNY. “Actually, a rep for the restaurant says she doesn’t know who JE Englebert is,” says Grub Street, “or why he thinks he’s throwing a party there.” amNY got an even harsher response — “He put this out there, and we are demanding a retraction to the same list he sent it to,” T on the G spokeswoman Shelly Clark told them. “This is all just B.S.”

Englebert, bold as ever, insisted to amNY that “Im a nightclub owner and promoter and was hired to promote and market a thursday nite party.” Eater and Transracial, at this writing, are still going with it. So who knows? Maybe Englebert will charm their asses off and we’ll get that Central Park disco we’ve all been dreaming about after all.

Update: Eater has updated its post with Tavern on the Green’s statement: “Club owner JE Englebert is not authorized to issue any communication on behalf of or associated with Tavern on the Green.” And Transracial has added, “SOME MYSTERIOUS PERSON IN CYBER-LAND WAS FRONTING FOR ENGLEBERT AND WAS NOT AUTHORIZED TO SPEAK ON TAVERN ON THE GREEN’S BEHALF.” Later they clarify that someone else, not Englebert, is indeed sponsoring a Thursday night party at the Tavern, but earlier-ending and non-“disco.” “But listen friends in media-land,” they close, “no need to go all hater now!” Noted.