Quick Hits – 6/9/2009


Hiram Monserrate with Citizen Action protesters WTF? Twitpic by citizenactionny.

Governor Paterson doesn’t acknowledge Pedro Espada as the new president of the state senate, but he’s not taking any chances: he says he won’t leave the state, which conceivably would put us all at the mercy of Espada as acting chief executive, until this coup thing blows over.

Whatever happens, it’s doubtful Malcolm Smith will be majority leader again.

There’s a poll that says Carolyn Maloney would beat Kirsten Gillibrand in a primary for the Senate. Of course, it’s Maloney’s own poll.

You can still get tickets for the Mets-Yankees games this weekend! Only $900 apiece! $375 with the group rate!

On her birthday, former First Lady Barbara Bush read to kids in the hospital. This is what former President George H.W. Bush did on his.

Forget RSI: a new medical study says “the most common acute computer-related injuries included lacerations (39 percent) and contusions and abrasions (23 percent).”

Remember when we reported that Howard Dean was endorsing Josh Skaller for city council? Turns out he’s also endorsing Brad Lander. Apparently he forgot the two men are running in the same district.

It’s not just for death threats anymore: Twitter songwriting contest.

“Hiram Monserrate just made a big mistake,” says RedState. “The only reason his face and that of his erstwhile girlfriend’s with the twenty stitches have been largely off the radar in the NY media, and he hasn’t been hounded into stepping down before he spent a single day in court, was because of the ‘D’ he wore behind his name.” Clearly these people don’t get around much.