The Worst Named Product Since The Ayds Diet Plan


I wouldn’t even buy a can of gold bouillon for a dollar if it was called “Shitto.” I don’t know, but something about the sound of that makes you feel as if the product will either have you running to the toilet bowl or that said product was actually retrieved from there. The name simply reeks! And so, these cans of Shitto “hotly spiced pepper sauce” tend to just sit on the shelf, with no takers any more than people beg for more hot coffee when the plane hits heavy turbulence.

Thanks to Stephen Saban and the wowreport for uncovering this scandal without applying any journalistic air freshener to it whatsoever. As for you fine folks at Shitto, why don’t you do what a little designer named Ralph Lifshitz once did and change your name to Lauren hotly spiced pepper sauce? Then it’ll sell like shitcakes.