This Week in the Voice


After a lifetime of political hackery, former city councilmember Noach Dear, who had never even practiced law, became a municipal judge. Who knew he’d become a savior to hundreds of New Yorkers harassed and dunned by unscrupulous and sometimes crooked debt collectors? And that he’d get standing ovations in court? Yet that’s just what Elizabeth Dwoskin observed, and heard from witnesses, in Dear’s debt court. Get a firsthand look at what a mess the debt collection industry has become and how one man is fighting it.

Known for weirdnesses like a deconstruction of Black Flag‘s Damaged, touring with TV On The Radio, having performed with David Byrne and Bjork, the Dirty Projectors are a insider’s band breaking out. Rob Harvilla finds them “not yet being able to fully summon their intricacy and their idiosyncracy live,” and their album Bitte Orca “both thrilling and maddening, sometimes simultaneously.”

Francis Ford Coppola goes indie! Makes digital movie! Self-financed! There’s the hook, how’s the movie? J. Hoberman says Tetro possesses a “self-aggrandizing sort of nutty classicism,” and “exudes enthusiasm and love of cinema.”

“I have great respect for people who enjoy stinky tofu — but I’d rather be elsewhere while they’re enjoying it.” Fortunately “there are many easily enjoyed traditional Taiwanese dishes” at Andy’s Seafood & Grill, a new Taiwanese restaurant in Rego Park, like the oyster pancake, in which “the goopiness of the sweet potato starch mirrors that of the oysters, and the egg gets crisp around the edges,” says Sarah DiGregorio.

Everyone talks about the Tonys, but Michael Musto goes to them, and all the parties, and talks about them incomparably. He also talks about the death of David Carradine, which “has set kinky masturbation and/or martial arts back 100 years.”

In 50 years ministering to Brooklyn’s poorest neighborhoods, he was robbed by JoAnne Chesimard, fought the good fight in the Ocean Hill-Brownsville school wars, built homes and said Mass. Tom Robbins tells you about Monsignor John Powis.


Theatre: Michael Feingold on David Greenspan‘s and Stephin Merritt‘s Coraline, Alexis Soloski on Asclepius and Jimmy, James Hannaham on Make Me, and James Gallagher-Ross on Dr. C (or How I Learned to Act in Eight Steps).

Food: Robert Sietsema on Harbour.

Film: J. Hoberman on Moon, Ed Gonzalez on the Human Rights Watch 2009 Festival, Jim Ridley on the remake of The Taking of Pelham 1-2-3, Robert Sietsema on Food Inc., and Nick Pinkerton on Imagine That.

Music: Cristina Black on Regina Spektor, Dan Weiss on Sonic Youth, and Don Allred on the Luaka Bop label.

Art: R.C. Baker on Sigmar Polke and Harvey Kurtzman.

Dance: Deborah Jowitt on David Parker, Yoshiko Chuma and ABT’s All-Prokofiev Celebration.

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