Bloomberg to Bikers: Screw You!


With all the pale green bike lanes going in across town, you might think we have a bicycle-friendly mayor. Nothing could be further from the truth. The bike lanes are really his method of hectoring motorists by eliminating car-traffic lanes–as are the pedestrian malls at Times Square and Herald Square–to get revenge for the defeat of his congestion pricing scheme. How do we know? The bike lane system is of no use to anyone, unless there’s a place to park your bike once you reach your destination. And the city has been quietly removing parking meters all over town and replacing them with the Muni-Meter system, effectively destroying the best places to lock bikes. In addition, we’ve been spotting new metal sign posts that are too thick to attach U-locks to. Cities that are truly bike-progressive (like Montreal and San Francisco) know that lockable parking spots must be provided if you wish to encourage bike traffic. And the mayor is ignoring this obvious fact.