Cow-Pony (or Pony-Cow) Sighted in Staten Island


A lot of animals seem to be making a break for it these days — from Molly the Cow, who bolted from a Queens slaughterhouse, to that walleroo that has been bouncing around fields upstate after
escaping from a petting zoo.

Yesterday, a stray pony joined the club after it was spotted galloping
around the Charleston section of Staten Island
, sparking a police search and some serious confusion about what kind of animal it really is.

At least one witness, Frank Provenzano, told the Staten Island Advance that he thought it was a cow that ran by his van as he drove under the Outerbridge Crossing.

“It ran directly past me, as people were pointing and looking, and made a left into the woods,” he said. “And then there was a couple of people — I’d seen a guy with a rope, and a van of cops — everybody in like, this hysteria, pointing to where this cow might have went.”

This led to some colorful comments on the Advance website, where the
majority of commenters seemed to agree with this guy: “DOOT DA DOOT! Franky
Pro can¹t tell a horse from a cow?…Someone please take this guy to a zoo

Provenzano did not return a call seeking comment.