New Yorkers Lured to Hoboken for Bogus Election Jobs; Some Get PATH Fare Home


The Hudson Reporter says yesterday some New Yorkers were tricked into traveling out to Hoboken, New Jersey by bogus flyers promising work on a mayoral campaign.

The flyers offered 200 bucks to anyone (“No one will be turned away”) willing to work from 3:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. for mayoral candidate Peter Cammarano, who was up against Dawn Zimmer in last night’s election. (Here’s a pic of one of the deceptive signs, which were apparently posted throughout the East Village, from the report by EV Grieve.)

“Just a path train ride from Manhattan or Newark” the want ads nudge. According to the Reporter, quite a few of the down-and-out of our city took the bait:

“The first wave of men and women showed up early, and political observers expected more to arrive around 3:30. The flyers claimed to be posted by the campaign of mayoral candidate Peter Cammarano, but the Cammarano camp took offense to the flyers and said they had nothing to do with them, especially since their campaign is very low on funds, according to one campaign official.”

The hapless and apparently pissed New Yorkers became a problem for the candidate, Hoboken Now reports:

“A cop was stationed outside Peter Cammarano’s headquarters to this afternoon to deal with the angry New Yorkers who came to Hoboken for bogus promises of campaign work.

The people were furious they came out to Hoboken — only to find there were no campaign jobs to be had. Cammarano’s team called the incident a dirty political trick; Dawn Zimmer’s camp says they’re not behind it. Cammarano campaign workers bought PATH fare for about fifteen of them back into Manhattan.”

If it was a dirty trick pulled by Zimmer, it’s still not clear that it worked, as no one knows yet who won the election.