Tavern on the Green Night Club Announcement was a Hoax


Yesterday, a press release pinged into our mailbox announcing that the Tavern on the Green would be turned into a “trendy club” on Thursdays. The release was so comically stupid, with talk of bottle service, lines throughout the park, and making Central Park “exclusive,” that we wrote a little post about how silly it sounded. Eater and Grub Street wrote up the news, too. But it turns out that the release sounded moronic because it was a hoax, or maybe just a gigantic case of wishful thinking on the part of “nightlife entrepreneur” JE Englebert.

Last night, a second email arrived, this one from the publicist for Tavern on the Green, writing us to say that the first press release was a “bizarre fabrication.”

The historic Tavern on the Green will not become a disco or operate a nightclub in Central Park as stated in an erroneous “press release” issued earlier today by a person heretofore unknown to the restaurant’s ownership and management.

Club owner JE Englebert is not authorized to issue any communication on behalf of or associated with Tavern on the Green; nor is Todd Shapiro Associates contracted to represent the restaurant.

Huh! Grub Street has more on the situation, including the information that there will be parties on Thursday nights, but not in the exclusive, “disco,” bottle-service sense. Apparently, Englebert asked the brothers who are actually in charge of throwing those parties if he could invite some people. The brothers said yes, and Englebert ended up sending out a press release essentially inviting the whole world, and pretending he was in charge. Englebert is now officially un-invited.