The Original Jennifer Aniston!


That desperate headline was the only way I could draw your attention to my column (CLICK HERE) reviewing Debbie Reynolds, who was Hollywood’s original girl-next-door-who’s-man-left-her-for-a-vamp, way back in the ’50s.

Anyway, Debbie debuted at the Cafe Carlysle last week with a fun act of singing, zinging, and high camp. She even did a Barbra impression, complete with fake schnozz!

I’ll also take you through the peaks and valleys of the Tony Awards the other night, including a brief chat with cute-twink host Neil Patrick Harris.

And I got to sit two feet away from Broadway-bound Hugh Jackman as he sang, danced, and vamped at a benefit I had a fine time at.

So sit back, click, and most of all, enjoy. It comes with home fries.