Times Co. Seeks 23% Cuts at Globe; Cartoonist Protests


We thought the Boston Globe was home free, with union concessions in May keeping the paper going. But the New York Times Company, which runs the joint, wasn’t content with the 8.3 percent giveback* and announced they were going to take 23 percent instead. And Times Co. is shopping the paper on the open market. Looks like the union members are going to have to eat it.

There’s not much the Globe staffers can do except report that the “Globe Union Files Labor Complaint” with the National Labor Relations Board to stop the cuts, and run supportive (and unsupportive) letters to the editor. But cartoonist Dan Wasserman addresses the issue directly, and clearly shows where his heart is in a way that you probably couldn’t get away with in words.

*Correction: While most of the Globe‘s unions accepted the smaller cut (actually 10 percent, totalled up), the biggest union, the Newspaper Guild, rejected it. Management then came back with the 23 percent figure.