TMZ: Hugh Grant Kicked Our Guy in the Nuts


TMZ claims Hugh Grant kicked their photographer in the balls last night outside the Waverly Inn. Did we say “claims”? We’re just exhibiting our usual caution; TMZ has video. To be fair, it looks like it might have been a kick in the shins; it’s hard to tell from the low-quality vid. Also, you might say the photog’s proximity to Grant demonstrates that he was in the actor’s “space,” though Grant was walking and expert analysis may determine his slight detour to inflict the damage constitutes assault.

Grant was most recently in the news during the wistful wrap-ups of Jay Leno’s late-night career, when TV Guide rated as Leno’s “Most Memorable Tonight Show Moment” his interview with Grant following the Notting Hill star’s arrest for soliciting a prostitute. In both cases, Grant’s name was spelled correctly, so all in all it’s a big win for him.