Yankees 7-0 Loss to Sox Painful or Hilarious, Depending


We try not to indulge our blackhearted Mets-fan schadenfreude too much, especially so early in the season. Nonetheless, from the Boston Globe:

Another night, another buffeting of the Bombers. It’s just no fun beating these New York Yankees anymore. Too easy.

The 7-0 fail at Fenway was the Yankees’ sixth straight loss to the Red Sox, and first shutout, of the season. Starting pitcher A.J. Burnett, said River Avenue Blues, “did something I haven’t seen a pitcher do… Of his 84 pitches, just 40 were strikes, meaning 44 were out of the zone. That’s just something that shouldn’t happen.”

Everyone gave it to Burnett — the tabs especially, with unfortunate references to Burnett’s experience with pie. We feel bad for him. As for the franchise, well, smirk giggle.

We’re leaving the Mets alone till the season is on the line and they start their fatal losing streak

Update. In the interest of fair play, we will say it was damn nice of Brian Bruney and Brian Cashman to kick off the Summer Reading series at the New York Public Library.