Tasini, Defying Everyone, Runs Against Gillibrand


Owlish labor activist Jonathan Tasini has nothing but guts. Back in 2006 he challenged Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Senate nomination because he didn’t like her crappy pro-war neo-liberalism. It was a suicide campaign for sure, but he managed to get 19.5 percent of the vote. Now, as Democrats who used to be interested in challenging Kirsten Gillibrand for similar reasons are chickening out under pressure from the White House, Tasini has said fuck it, he’ll run against her for the nomination. He’s already got a campaign website going, and today appealed to his natural liberal constituency with a post on HuffPost explaining he wants to give voters an alternative to “someone who put children and families at great risk by advocating for and taking the money of Big Tobacco… someone who has embraced the National Rifle Association… someone who is awash in corporate cash.” He also offers “a chance to build a progressive movement that will give the power back to the people and make a better world.”

Since Tasini’s former nemesis is now part of the Obama mob, his life is clearly in danger. Watch the airstrip at Mena!