What Was Your Worst Dental Experience?


Last year, I went in for a sharp pain in my tooth and told the dentist that I can’t abide root canal, so we’d have to find another way to deal with it. I was willing to take the simple way out and just have the thing pulled, but he said he would drill a bit and then we could probably put in a crown.

Well, he drilled harder and longer than a porn star getting paid by the minute. I sat there, helpless and agonized, for a full hour, being plumbed and searched as if I were a big, gay goldmine. Alas, I came up empty. After all that sadistic scraping and exploring and abhorring, the dentist said, “Sorry, there’s still a lot of decay there. You’ll have to go for root canal.”

“But I can’t GET root canal, remember?” I screeched, dripping blood all over the neighborhood. I ended up having the thing pulled, like I was willing to do in the first place. What a pain in the…mouth.

Your worst dental visit? Make it graphic.