Why The Art of Following Through Is So Very Important


No one succeeds in this world unless they’re masters at the fine art of following the fuck through. Someone who talks a big talk but can’t follow a word he or she says with any action is doomed to failure and ignomine.

As a writer, I’ve always found that getting the shit in on time, as promised, is half the battle. If your work is good too, then you’ve totally won the war!

And yet, there are so many wastrels running around who blather on and on, making big plans and promises they can’t fulfill. Generally, by the next day, their slate has been wiped clean and they’re on to all new plans and promises they can’t fulfill. Most of these people are boozers and druggies, which explains the memory loss, but some are completely sober people who just don’t want to actualize any of their ideas. They’d rather live in a fantasy land where everything’s about to happen rather than inhabit a place where they’re going to have to do what they say and maybe find a horrid sense of anti-climax.

These disappointment-phobes are in a poignant state of constant foreplay, and they are the ones to avoid at all cost! The more someone talks and the less they actually deliver, the faster I…. (You fill in the rest. I can’t be bothered to finish this sentence.)