Bret Michaels’ Statement on Near-Beheading Onstage at the Tonys: I’m Fine, Thanks for Nothin’, and Man, I Missed Anne Hathaway


He lives. He types. Per Vulture comes news of Bret’s official statement regarding his rather unfortunate run-in with a piece of scenery live onstage at the Tony Awards Sunday night. A few rather unpleasant pictures, too. He’s trying to laugh this off, people, give him credit. Key graf:

I feel for the actors and actresses who put in so much time and hard work on or off Broadway to get to the Tonys. This is their moment and I am sorry that some of it may have gotten overshadowed by my thick rocker cranium being struck by a stage prop. On a high note I hear it was the highest rated Tonys they have had in years. However, I was bummed that I did not get to see any of the acts perform during the Tonys as I have never seen a play on Broadway before, probably would have enjoyed it, and even more bummed that I did not get to attend the after parties, cuz rumor has it Anne Hathaway was going to be there and she is hot.