Did Carrie Prejean’s Firing Get Me Fired Up On Olbermann?


Last night, I went on Countdown With Keith Olbermann to discuss Carrie Prejean‘s dethroning, but don’t believe the headline someone put on YouTube (“Musto Lament’s Carrie Prejean’s Firing..”). The truth is, while I DID point out Donald Trump‘s hypocrisies in suddenly turning against Carrie, I said her axing was “poetic justice. It’s like when OJ got convicted for robbery instead of beheading two people. I’m fine with it.”

In the segment, we also delved into the reasons for the firing, wondering if it was really contract breaking or a larger financial issue at play. More importantly, see if you can count how many times Keith had to ring his “bad taste bell” on me. (Not as many as you’d think. Maybe I’m losing my fucking touch!)