Dine and Dash: Memphis Hotel Says Al Sharpton Owes Them $87,300


If Al Sharpton owes you money, you better not count on collecting any time soon. Last year the Rev hosted a convention for his National News Network at the famous Peabody Hotel in Memphis — and what a party it sounds like, with invited guests including Harry Belafonte, Mo’Nique and Danny Glover (though we don’t know who actually showed) — then split without paying the bill, says the hotel and local news sources. Now the hotel is suing for the $70,300 bill plus $17,000 in lawyers’ fees and such like. We hope the Peabody doesn’t have to wait as long as the Federal Election Commission to get what Sharpton owes them — and that he doesn’t contrive, as he did in the FEC case, to just pay some of the money back to himself.