Employment Opportunity: Make $2,800 Shoes for Gay Talese


Gay Talese, whose forthcoming book about his marriage has prompted some really great feature stories in 2009, is well known for his style and general all-around high sartorial standards–I’ve known more than one person who showed up underdressed to dinner with the man, only to be mercilessly mocked throughout the entire meal. Anyway, (meaning either GQ or Details or who knows; Conde Nast is deeply and profoundly behind on this stuff) had the brilliant idea of getting Talese to open up his closet and talk at length about the custom button-hole alterations and $2,800 shoes he has done for him by hand. “We worry about preserving the earth, and greening this and greening that, and saving the caribous and birds and all this and that,” says Talese. “Well, I’m worried about tailors.” Maybe now that twenty-eight-hundred dollars is a tremendous amount of money again that species, too, will rally. [h/t Kottke]