Infinite Jest, the Book So Beloved/Daunting There’s Now a Website/Movement Devoted to Goading People into Spending Their Summer Reading It


If your summer lacks some sort of overarching goal-oriented self-help/artistic-betterment framework, perhaps you’d enjoy moseying over to Infinite Summer, an online community in the National Novel Writing Month vein, except you have three months and all you have to do is read one.Not just any one, though: Infinite Jest. Yes, the most guilt-inducing book of our generation, equal parts revered and initially impenetrable. These guys have a Twitter, a Tumblr, a Facebook group, essays on why this is necessary, a list of rules (none, really, except no spoilers), etc. etc. June 21 to September 22. Do it.

(If you don’t want to do it, the funniest thing in the book is when Canadian John Wayne disparages someone by saying he’s the kind of guy who’d go to a Chinese restaurant but refuse to share food or trade food.)

(I might just do this with Gravity’s Rainbow.)