New Trend: “Hottest Guys” in Social Media and Such Like


Everyone loves lists, especially on the internet. So it may have seemed reasonable to try and combine the two in Hottest Guys lists connected with the internet. We finished well out of the running, but bear no bitterness those desk jockeys who have been so laureled. Here is an example from the Hottest Men on Twitter Calendar. If you enjoyed that, you may also enjoy The 10 Hottest New Media Guys On The Right, which includes Robert Stacy McCain in a Speedo. (Ace of Spades was removed from the list, for reasons we can’t fathom.) Wait, where ya goin’? We still have the Top Ten Hottest Guys in the Video Game Industry to review.

If pentium power is not your aphrodisiac, you may prefer this vintage Most Beautiful People in New York Politics. We have yet to find the Hottest Guys in Chartered Accountancy, but will have it for you as soon as the internet provides, which we’re sure it will any second now.