Posts of the Week


It’s that time again! Welcome to your Friday afternoon round-up of some of our favorite posts of the week. Maybe we’ll see you at the BBQ party this weekend. For now, let’s relive the glory, shall we?

We got excited about the advent of strawberry season, and got even more excited when a commenter suggested what to do with the berries.

We advised you on what to B when you BYOB to Sigiri, an East Village Sri Lankan joint.

We hauled it over to Russ and Daughters for a demo on how best to eat the new catch Holland herring.

We brought you the Early Word on The Obama Flavor, a Caribbean-soul food spot in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

We took you inside Sandro’s 25th anniversary party, where we hobnobbed with Gael Greene and Mimi Sheraton.

Finally, we inaugurated the Our Ten Best series, starting with one of the most controversial foods of all: hamburgers.