Rare 1 in 30 Million Yellow Lobster Found; McNugget Scam Uncovered


Gebisa Ejeta, a scientist at the University of Purdue originally from Ethiopia, has been awarded the 2009 World Food Prize for his work on drought and weed-resistant varieties of sorghum.
[VOA News]

The most common source of food poisoning across the country in 2006 was chicken, followed by leafy vegetables, and fruits and nuts, according to the CDC. The findings came as no surprise but were considered an important step toward improving food safety.
[NY Times]

Starbucks is trying to reduce its water footprint after facing criticism for wasting an estimated 6.2 million gallons of water each day. The company also hopes to reduce energy use by 25 percent by 2010, and is working toward a LEED certified store design.

Mickey D’s may be pulling a fast one of McNugget lovers. found that, in some cases, ordering more McNuggets results in a higher price per nugget. A six-piece order of McNuggets comes out to about 47 cents per nugget, while a four-piece is closer to 45 cents.
[NY Daily News]

Fiona, a seven-year-old lobster caught off the eastern coast of Canada last week, is a “yellow” lobster, which is a one in 30 million rarity. She won’t be eaten, but will live out her days in the tank at Arnold’s Lobster and Clam Bar in Eastham, Mass.