Support an Indie Press, and They’ll Support You: Two Dollar Radio’s Two-for-One


Random indie-press special of the moment: Two Dollar Radio’s offer of Joshua Mohr’s daffy, kinda gross Some Things That Meant the World to Me (first sentence: “I’d like to brag about the night I saved a hookers life”) and Amy Koppelman’s I Smile Back (first sentence: “Laney’s finger traces her breasts”; there is a great essay to be written about the bonkers first lines of nearly every TDR release) for the low, low combo price of $15.00. Mohr’s book, a debut, just came out, and is as good a place as any to get caught up on the uniquely deranged sensibility of this Ohio-based indie publisher. Koppelman’s book, which was released late last year, was a compellingly dark and occasionally maddening portrait of one very unhappy housewife. Both are worth reading, and make nice appetizers for the onslaught of Rudy Wurlitzer reissues on the way from TDR in August and October.