The Top 10 Records That Sold Last Week at Other Music in the East Village


In 2009, the traditional practice of exchanging physical copies of records for money is a trade that might best be called quixotic. But New Yorkers are stubborn people, and the record store is not dead. Below, the top ten records that actually sold in the last week at a store near you.

Other Music is on almost any shortlist of the best record stores in the city, and we’re not just saying that because it’s a two-minute walk from our offices. The staff, many of whom are musicians, selects the relatively small inventory. “If you pick up a record, at least two people in the store can tell you about it,” says employee Mikey “IQ” Jones, 27. The store is still adjusting to being the only record-seller on the block–Tower Records, which used to be across the street, closed two years ago. “We’re dealing with a clientele we’ve never had before,” Jones says. A clientele that, contrary to the store’s enduring snobby reputation, are pretty much welcome. “There’s always been that stupid High Fidelity myth,” Jones says. “We do our best to dispel that.”

The Top 10 Records Sold at Other Music for the Week Ending June 7th:

1. Grizzly Bear – Veckatimest (Warp)
2. Nite Jewel — Good Evening (Human Ear)
3. Dirty Projectors — Bitte Orca (Domino)
4. Phoenix — Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (Glassnote)
5. Au Revoir Simone — Still Light, Still Night (Our Secret Records)
6. Sunn0))) — Monoliths & Dimensions (Southern Lord)
7. Passion Pit — Manners (French Kiss)
8. Don Van Vliet — Paintings and Poem Catalog (Werner/Kern)
9. Grouper — Cover the Windows… (Root Strata)
10. Blank Dogs — Under the Under (In the Red)

Other Music is located at 15 E. 4th Street, between Broadway and Lafayette. Open 12pm-9pm Monday through Friday, 12pm-8pm Saturdays, and 12pm-7pm Sundays.