Week in Review: Get Ready #Bonnaroo You’re Gonna Be My Bitch For the Weekend


In the week we didn’t go to the mud-soaked hobbit/hippie fest that is Bonnaroo (well, except for the top secret one of us who did, and is even now Twittering about it), all three members of SOTC did go to Prospect Park, where we wandered the green green grass 27,000 parents and their screaming children.

Interviews: Major Lazer’s Switch on how he and Diplo almost got caught up in the gruesome Jamaican daggering craze, Southerngold mixtape DJ Terry Urban on how Downtown records still appears to be cease-and-desisting him, Iron Maiden Drummer Nicko McBrain on his band’s new movie, Flight 666, and Moon‘s Sam Rockwell on emotionally punching Mickey Rourke.

Shows: Allen Toussaint did lunchtime at Metrotech, Sonic Youth premiered their record at where else but the Soho Apple Store, the Second Annual Roots Picnic in Philadelphia, which is a real place and has nothing to do with New York at all, and TV on the Radio in Central Park, where it rained.

It’s only been a day but the Northside Festival has already erupted in controversy. But last week’s Hillstock went off swimmingly, despite a landlord’s last minute discovery that there was a festival on his roof. Maybe there’s a lesson in here somewhere? Oh, right: in Williamsburg, someone is always complaining.

Song of the Summer: Model-Slash-Actress Edition, in which we liked Scarlett Johannson’s chances against challengers Kate Moss and Mandy Moore. Also: Jay-Z’s “D.O.A” and the many songs that prove him wrong. Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal just discovered that Sufjan Stevens Christmas song in we heard back in February, and some guy got one of our covers (the Star Trek one, to be exact) tattooed on his own leg.

Public service: the top 10 records that sold last week at Other Music, the indie-press deal of the week, the Infinite Jest bookclub of the summer, the Gay Talese-related employment opportunity of a lifetime, the 1.6 Band reformation, the most improbable Ruff Ryders reunion ever, and a new Clipse single, too. 50 Cent saved Elmo’s life, Bret Michaels got beheaded, Adam Lambert suddenly became gay, David Carr was alienated amongst the bright young things, the Daily Show successfully baited the Times, Tim Pawlenty turned to Eminem for advice, Greg Dulli and Apollonia covered “When Doves Cry,” and Bones was lost and alone at the Museum of Sex, which is an analogy we’ll hold off on making, weekend-wise. We’re back on Monday.