What’s Your Diet’s Carbon Footprint? (And Are You Sure You Want to Know?)


We love burgers as much as the next guy, but apparently “America’s love of hamburgers contributes 941 to 1023 pounds of greenhouse gas per person, per year” roughly equivalent to what 7,500-15,000 SUVs spew out annually.

TreeHugger has rounded up some low-carbon foods and, while it’s a little ho-hum, the list isn’t entirely depressing. OK, grinding out one’s own almond milk might seem a little depressing. And vegan berry mousse kind of made us want to throw ourselves in front of a carbon-spewing SUV. But, whether we like it or not, eating sustainably means eating less meat. In these days of lifting the veil, it’s getting harder and harder to ignore that fact. But we try. God, do we ever try.

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