What’s Your Morning Beauty Regimen?


I was told by a health nut that everyone should start the day by opening their pores, but they should finish their shower with 20 seconds of cold water to close them again. After that, it’s imperative to rub lemon extract all over your face and go out into the world with the confidence of a fashion model who hasn’t eaten in days!

Of course I never do any of that–too complicated–but I do greet the day with a scrub made of peppermint and crushed walnut shells that I find foamy and delightful. It makes my face feel so minty fresh and alive! Alas, a skin doctor told me that if you exfoliate like that every day it will cause horrible damage in the long run, so now I’m as confused as a half-open pore.

Should I just wash with Basis soap (which is pure and unscented), then dab some Vitamin E oil on my face?

What do you do to keep your epidermis gorgeous and healthy?