Bedford Avenue Street Fairs Automatically Suck


We’re not sure why that is, but we think it has to do with a lack of faith. Hipsterville may be the worst possible place for homemade palm-reading, arts ‘n’ crafts, and sustainable energy tables. (Last week’s Renegade Craft Fair in the Park, on the other hand, did great because it had the essential ingredients for successful alt culture events, money and marketing.)

Things were a little livelier, though, in the east playground of McCarren Park, where the McDonald’s Fiestatour warmed up for tomorrow’s Puerto Rican Day Parade. A band blared merengue, some people danced, and others patronized the roasted corn and pot-leaf beach-blanket stands. And the U.S. Army was recruiting; the sign-up table was quiet but some very young potential recruits played U.S. Army basketball and U.S. Army videogames, which made the job look very exciting. Photos after the jump.