Calvin Klein Soho Billboard Provokes Yawns of Outrage


The menage on this Soho billboard is part of a five-month-old campaign, but the new version seen at Houston and Lafayette has prompted a new round of Are You Not Outraged? The WCBS TV report is especially funny, with the author of a book about child-raising offering her predictably offended perspective. She claims the girl “looks about 15” — though we think she looks every bit as mature as Kate Moss did when she started doing Calvin Klein ads — and that “I think there are some girls who will see this and think, ‘well, I have this fantasy of attracting a lot of men, maybe I’ll try this out'” — which got us interested — “But it’s a fine line between a girl’s sexual fantasy and gang rape,” which we found deflating, and now we, too, are outraged and demand the thing be replaced with something wholesome, like fine art.