Get Well, Chris Knox!


Very sad news: Chris Knox, one of the crucial figures behind the New Zealand lo-fi titan label Flying Nun, has apparently suffered a stroke. Details are scant, although that
hasn’t stopped any number of Kiwi media outlets from speculating. Meanwhile, his family and friends are maintaining and updating a “Chris Knox had a stroke and everyone wants to know how he is, how the hell are we gonna keep you all updated all at once” blog, which reports that Knox is in decent, responsive shape. “This isn’t easy,” Knox sang on 1989’s “Not Given Lightly,” which was voted New Zealand’s thirteenth best song of all time in 2001: “I might not write another.” Let’s hope he does.

Kiwi Pop Legend, Lo-Fi Pioneer and Flying Nun Founder Chris Knox Suffering From Stroke… Unable To Speak, Possibly Confined to Wheelchair For Life… Family Reports He’s No Longer In Pain… [Daily Swarm]
Clark, how are ya? [Chris Knox]