Going Hydro in Queens & Going Meatless on Mondays


Christian “Hitsch” Albin, the executive chef at The Four Seasons, where he had worked for 36 years, died at New York University Medical Center on Saturday at age 62, just five days after being diagnosed with cancer.

A rooftop in Jamaica, Queens is set to be transformed into the city’s first commercial-scale hydroponic rooftop farm this fall. Gotham Greens will feature a 12,000-square-foot greenhouse growing some 30 tons of fruits and vegetables per year for local market and restaurants.
[NY Daily News]

The Daily News
rounds up the city’s best picnic spots, which include Central Park North, a quieter part of the park than Sheep Meadows and the Great Lawn, and the 30 acres of rolling hills in Fort Greene Park.
[NY Daily News]

In other roundups, the Times looks at New Jersey burger joints, including a Five Guys location and Bobby Flay’s Bobby’s Burger Palace. Non-chain additions to the state include Boom, which buys its meat from Pat La Frieda Wholesale Meat Purveyors in Manhattan, and sells a half-pounder for $9.50.
[NY Times]

In less meaty news, Sir Paul McCartney, along with his daughter, Stella, and about 40-odd celebs have launched a campaign called Meat Free Monday to get people to go vegetarian once a week. The aim is to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions caused by the meat-producing industry, which accounts for some 18 percent of global emissions.
[Independent via Washington Post]