How Do You Spell G-U-T-B-O-M-B?–Bulgogi Wrapdog at New York Hotdog & Coffee


The bulgogi wrapdog comes in a nondescript-looking package, but wait till you get inside!

Fusion is not just something accomplished by chefs, it’s a natural process occurring all the time in Food World. When we saw the plastic model pushed out onto the sidewalk in front of New York Hotdog & Coffee–a Korean fast-food chain touched down on Bleecker Street–we couldn’t wait to find out what was inside.

Well, we finally found out: bulbous spicy hot dog, incendiary kim chee, sweet barbecued beef bulgogi, pickle, and white rice, making one of the city’s more formidable gutbombs. Bring the bromo. 245 Bleecker Street, 212-388-2608

      O glorious fusion! (click to reflux)