Let Us (Briefly) Address the Appalling Theme Song to Girls Next Door Spinoff Kendra




Having spent more time than I’d generally care to admit following the bubbleheaded, utopian antics of Hugh Hefner’s then-girlfriends on drama-free E! juggernaut The Girls Next Door (“It’s Wednesday, and Hef usually throws a party on Wednesday, so…”), I approached inevitable spinoff Kendra, focusing on the sportiest and least erudite of the three ladies, with caution. But I still approached it. And thus was I exposed to its toxically horrific theme song, a sub-Black Eyed Peas atrocity that makes [something really dumb] sound like [something really smart]. And this is coming to you from a blog not exactly opposed to BEP-style deranged frivolity. We’re not looking for a Hill Street Blues sort of elegant poise here, but come the fuck on. If it took longer to write this thing than I did to blog about how terrible it is, I’ll [unpleasant activity to convey my certainty that I’m right about this].

UPDATE: Oh sweet Jesus Too $hort might actually be responsible for this.