Mayhem Rolls Over Queens of Pain, 120-73


If you haven’t been following the Gotham Girls Roller Derby events held every month of so in New York, you may have missed that the Manhattan Mayhem scored its first victory over the Queens of Pain in four years of league play this Saturday, 120-73. The bout was held at the Hunter College Sports Complex and drew nearly a thousand spectators. There were impressive scoring runs by the Mayhem’s Polly Gone and the Queens’ Suzy Hotrod; MVP honors went to Mayhem captain Sweet Cherry Pie and Queen Donna Matrix. Can you guess this was our first time at the Derby? If you, too, are new to it and want to get a taste, you can check it out at RollerSportTV. The next Gotham Girls event will be the Bronx Gridlock versus the Brooklyn Bombshells on July 11.