Monserrate Flips, Dems Allegedly Have 31-31 Split in Senate


Yeah, by now we’re not sure what it means anymore either, but Hiram Monserrate tells the Daily News “I’m coming home” to the Democratic Party. Both he and Albany coup leader Pedro Espada Jr. have been saying they’re still loyal Dems since this whole thing started last Monday, but Monserrate means he’ll now vote with the Democrats as well, presumably on the state senate leadership as well. He says he was holding out for Democratic leadership change, and the state senate Democrats’ alleged appointment of John Sampson as conference leader suits him, though Malcolm Smith retains the title of majority leader. This would theoretically put the senate in a 31-31 split, with no lieutenant governor (the last one, Paterson, became governor when Spitzer went down).

No word yet as to whether this will satisfy assembly leader Sheldon Silver, who has threatened to adjourn the assembly until things blow over, nor as to what Espada, with whom Monserrate enjoyed the Mets-Yankees game on Saturday, thinks of his buddy’s latest shift; last we heard from Espada he was quashing his own previous report that the burglars who recently broke into his Mamaroneck house took sensitive documents pertaining to his campaign finances. “There is nothing missing that would prevent me from fully complying with [election officials],” Espada tells the News. Of course he hasn’t been complying with those officials in quote some time.

We assume that Monserrate’s switch came at a higher cost than has been so far revealed, but we’ll have to wait for further Albany action, or perhaps for the progress of his upcoming trial, to find out what that is.